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the swinging musical hit
seven brides for seven brothers

Set in 1850s Oregon, Adam, the eldest of the seven Pontipee brothers, has the  task of caring for his brothers since their mother died.  It is obvious that a woman is needed to head the household and Adam is chosen to make the long journey to the nearest town. By chance, Adam finds Milly for himself but how does he find partners for six boorish, disrespectful young men. Milly attempts to teach the boys some social graces.  Armed with their new found skills, the brothers venture into town.  At a church social, the brothers meet six young women, whose glances express an obvious interest – and here the trouble starts. This swinging musical tells of the winning and wooing of seven cowboy brothers. It combines memorable songs such as ‘Bless Your Beautiful Hide’, ‘Goin’ Courtin’ and ‘Wonderful, Wonderful Day’ with exuberant dance – who could resist?         

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Music Theatre International (Europe)

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TICKETS: £16.00, Concessions £15.00, Club Members £13.00 (if paid for a week in advance)


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